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Prepare yourself to be Blown Away by a unique video game concept played in real life!


What Is BlackOps?

Imagine the rush of paintball, without the bruising. Add the speed of airsoft, without the projectiles. Add realistic military grade weapon replicas with state of the art mesh networking technology, and serve that with the same combat-like environment you find in the best video games.

The result is a sweet game that emphasizes teamwork, promotes safe outdoor activities, refines reflexes and quick thinking, and allows kids of all ages the ability to exercise in the most fun way they have ever experienced!

The game involves strategy and teamwork, and even the skeptical will rave about the fun! Try it, you will be impressed. Guaranteed!

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The thrill of video games...

Videogames are addictive because they feel so real. Imagine playing them in real life, in a safe environment, against players who are just as good as you.

Only BlackOps gives you the thrill, the adrenaline, and the safety factor!


In order to play BlackOps, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the taggers you will have access to!

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Multi-purpose tagger equally capable of clearing a room with extreme ease, and light enough to allow extreme mobility close quarter encounters, and with an optical sight, it becomes a great long range cherry picking tool. But, as all players come to realize, this tagger is best used for massive destruction during short to medium range attacks. Its nickname of "lead spreader" is indeed very appropriate.

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This ultra realistic tagger is an identical copy of the Kalshnikov assault rifle developed for the Russian Special Forces and urban police. It is equiped with a side-folding metal shoulder stock and is extremely reliable and accurate for both tight quarters and long range attacks.

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The AK-105 is an upgraded and shortened version of the AK-74 rifle and was designed for robustness and increased mobility. The rifle is feared in tight quarter encounters, and as been known to be the weapon of choice to clean up a room in no time.

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Equipped with a state of the art optical scope, this sniper rifle is the best instrument for surgical precision and ultimate damage from a safe distance. The adjustable scope, in the steady hands of an expert marksman, allows accurate head shots from over 250m away. Better hope that the opposing team doesn't have one of those!

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This is one of the most well balanced rifle available: equipped with an iron sight, this stand alone instrument of destruction is fitted with a silencer making it the ultimate silent weapon capable of melee attacks as well as long range enemy unit elimination efforts.

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The Grach, aka "hitman", is the preferred side arm for Special Forces Units and Russian spies and scouts. It is all-metal making it extremely stable and accurate during encounters. This close range tagger is unmatched in close quarters combat: It is extremely portable and easily hidden. A great 2nd weapon to complement your favorite rifle.

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Each player is provided a special tagger and a sensor. Players are grouped in teams and a field marshal instructs the players on the scenario that will be played.

When players are "dead", they must return to the base to "revive" themselves and return to the action.

To shoot an opponent, their sensor must be targeted. Players must be accurate, because after they have fired a shot, the opponents will know the direction where the shot came from!

Our bullet-free taggers do not shoot projectiles, so, unlile paintball and airsoft, there is no impact, no pain, no bullet-bruising, no pellet-punctures. Just pure outdoor fun for all ages!

The "laser" used in BlackOps is actually an invisible infrared beam, similar to your television remote, which is fired at the speed of light, at your opponent. Since it is not an actual laser beam, it is totally safe.

Of course the game is played outdoors, in our very own battlefield! Just like with any outdoor activity, players are instructed to be careful during play, and mind the branches and the others obstacles on the field.

Regardless of physical capabilities, everyone can enjoy the game! You may be a runner who moves offensively, or someone who stays back and snipes from afar. In fact, the game is more fun when a team is made up of different types of players.

Because of the realistic aspect of the taggers (their weight and size), we have found that the minimum recommended age to play is 6 years old.

The field is located at the end of Harpell road in Kingston. Harpell is about 1 km north of the HWY401 overpass on Gardiners' road. Or find us using Google maps.

Be sure to wear clothes and shoes that will allow you to run and not be afraid to roll in the dirt! And keep in mind that you'll be harder to spot if you are wearing camo (leave your bright red shirt at home!)


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